Cameron King is up against his former teammates tomorrow.

FOOTBALL: Firstly I wish you all a belated Happy New Year, with this being my first musings of 2021, writes Mark Hearle.

It would be very good to reflect on a busy spell of Christmas and New Year football with you and that was the plan, until the ‘C’ word undid the club’s plans with a positive test rearing its ugly head on Christmas Day. 

That meant the double-header with Notts County had to be postponed and, with our Bank Holiday visit to Chesterfield postponed earlier, a very quiet holiday spell has ensued. 

After the team’s fighting point against leaders Torquay United – in front of supporters for the first time this season – we were hoping to build on the numbers in the ground on Boxing Day and create even more of an atmosphere, which would hopefully have pushed us on further and gained a win against our famous opponents to add a bit of festive cheer. 

However, that chance was snatched away by Premier Boris Johnson, who increased the level of tier in the county, meaning that had the Saturday game gone ahead, it would have been in front of silent terraces again. 

Naturally the club were disappointed with the decision but totally understood Mr Johnson’s stance and the decision he had to make. We had sold a good number of tickets for the game and began the refund process shortly after the festive break. 

We were pleasantly surprised at the number of supporters who contacted us asking the club to keep the ticket money and class it as a donation. To all those who did so, I thank you for the magnificent gesture.

So what happens now after entry into a third lockdown this week? Well initially it appears not much will be different in the world of ‘elite sport’ that King’s Lynn Town finds itself in. 

The first team will continue to play behind closed doors but please spare a thought for the rest of the teams who play under our banner whose seasons have been suspended. 

The situation for them looks bleak and you do wonder how they will be able to complete their schedule of fixtures before the end of May. The backlog of fixtures is a huge one and good luck to whoever is charged with trying to sort that situation. 

The first team now enter a long spell of two games a week until the end of March, which will provide a huge test, both physically and mentally for Ian and the team. 

For a full-time team that would be a daunting prospect, for a part-time one I can only imagine how the balance of working and playing football is a real dilemma. 

There are a few voices who feel a break may be needed from elite sport following 40 positive Covid tests in the Premier League earlier this week; the highest number ever since testing began. 

The Premier League dismissed any thoughts of a suspension but we have seen an increase of postponements over the last two weeks, giving a feeling that something may have to give in the not too distant future.

Health has to be the driving force in how we move forward. 

Thankfully this time we provided only one positive test at the club, everyone else has been fine, apart from having to isolate for a period of time. It served as a warning that we must continue to keep our guard up.

Tomorrow we finally get back on the pitch with FC Halifax in town for another important National League match. It will be a special afternoon for Cameron King who will be coming up against his former team mates of the last two seasons for the first time on Saturday. 

It has the makings of an entertaining game and we will be providing a live stream of all the action, which you can watch in the comfort of your own home. Visit to book your ‘virtual’ match. 

Stay safe and keep positive!