Aaron Alexander acknowledges another winning performance during a successful 2020 season.

MOTOR SPORT: The coronavirus lockdown meant West Norfolk kart racer Aaron Alexander was only able to complete six of his scheduled nine races in the Shenington Sprint Championship.

Despite that, the senior pro class driver still managed to finish second in the overall standings at the Oxfordshire circuit.

In the junior class of the British Prokart Endurance Championship, he completed only five of the 10 races but still finished top of the table.

Alexander was due to return to sprint racing on Tuesday with the Winter Championship. The first round was in Teesside, with two more to follow.

For the main 2021 race season, Alexander will be racing solo in the Shenington sprint championship in March and his FSR team have been moved up three classes into the senior pro class for the BPEC championships, where he will be racing against some of the best drivers in the UK and from abroad.

If the pandemic does not affect the race calendar, he will have to complete 10 six-hour races and two 24-hour races across the UK.

Alexander and his father, Adam, thanked their sponsors for their support this year and next but urged anyone else willing to support the team’s efforts to get in touch for details of what they can offer new backers. Contact them via the www.aaracing.co.uk website.

MKM, Howden’s of King’s Lynn, the Haase Racing team, LA Custom Coatings and Magnum Motorhomes have already signed up.