Simon and Caroline Hall reunited with Bonnie more than six years after she was stolen.

A family has been reunited with their beloved cocker spaniel after she was found 200 miles away her home – six years after she was stolen.

Simon and Caroline Hall were left devastated when Bonnie was taken from their Durham home in May 2014.

But last Thursday, the couple were left “overwhelmed and very emotional” after receiving a call from Ravenswood Pet Rescue in Wisbech to say they had taken in Bonnie after she was found wandering in a nearby park.

However, Mr and Mrs Hall couldn’t race down to pick her up as Bonnie was poorly and had to undergo a hysterotomy at Terrington Veterinary Centre.

Staff at the Terrington St Clement practice suspected the 10-year-old spaniel had been used for  excessive breeding, with her last litter only being six weeks ago.

But as Bonnie continued to recover, on Saturday, the practice  announced on its Facebook page “something amazing had happened”.

The post said: “This beautiful little girl came into the practice and after a scan of her microchip and a check on the database by our receptionist, it was discovered that Bonnie had been missing for six-and-a-half years! 

“So you can imagine the emotion here while we waited for dog warden Caroline Trigg (of Ravenswood Pet Rescue) to ring the owners with the news.”

Mr and Mrs Hall were  re-united with Bonnie on Saturday –  the day before her 10th birthday.

The practice posted pictures and a video of the emotional reunion which was shared more than 3,000 times.

Mrs Hall added on the practice’s Facebook post: “Beautiful girl, such heartache when she was taken and sleepless nights worrying and imagining what she was going through. 

“While we know she will be damaged and I can’t think what she’s endured, she will be back home where she belongs, comfort, love and all the support and care we can give her. This just shows never give up hope.”

Ms Trigg said: “Her family say it’s like she’s never been away.”