In view of the government guidelines and the fresh lockdown, the Your Local Paper office is now closed and will remain closed to the public until December 2.

Rest assured, we will still be producing your favourite West Norfolk newspaper and copies will be available in the usual outlets.

We also have our mobile phone app, our stories online and you can now subscribe to have a copy of the paper delivered to your door each week.

You can still post items through our letter box at 29 King Street in King’s Lynn as our mail will continue to be checked on a regular basis.

Your Local Paper’s managing director Alan Taylor said: “We are very sorry to have to close our office within a few days of re-opening in our newly renovated 29 King Street.

“But rest assured, YLP will still supporting West Norfolk businesses and our staff with do their best to keep the community informed during this difficult month.

“We look forward to a returning to some degree of normality in December.”

Keep sending your news items to: and your sports reports to: