Norfolk Constabulary. Picture: Matthew Usher

A senior police officer is urging people to be sensible and stay safe ahead of lockdown starting tomorrow (Thursday).

The four-week lockdown will see the closure of pubs, restaurants, cinemas, gyms and other non-essential businesses.

Police officers are encouraging people to stick to the rule of six and maintain social distancing.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable, Julie Wvendth, said: “It’s reasonable to assume people will want to make the most of their freedom before Thursday. However, it’s important to remember the existing rules still apply and we want people to be sensible and stay safe.

“We know these changes can be difficult and uncomfortable for some and we’ve acknowledged this in our approach to enforcing the regulations by engaging, explaining and encouraging people to follow the rules. Enforcement has always been a last resort.

“However, people who are knowingly and blatantly breaching regulations leave us with no option but issue a fine. We can’t waste time with endless engagement and the public would expect us to act in these circumstances.”

Additional information on the new measures can be found on the government website: