One of the seals being released near Sutton Bridge. Picture: RSPCA

Seven seal pups have taken a mud-slide back to freedom following months of rehabilitation at the RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre.

The seals were released from a site near Sutton Bridge last week so they could make their way to The Wash.

They all needed months of care after they were rescued at the start of the common seal pupping season emaciated, dehydrated and orphaned.

Centre manager Alison Charles said: “It was a great day for a release, if a bit muddy. We released Chilli Bean, Pinto, Butter Bean, Mung Bean, Beanz, Sweetpea and Chickpea. 

“No matter how many times we release a seal we never get tired of watching them make their break for freedom. It’s a wonderful sight to see and always puts a big smile on our faces.

“This release was a fun one as they really did slide down the mud at a bit of a speed before splashing in the water and then heading off.”

The centre is still caring for around 40 common seal pups and more are expected with the grey pupping season due to start next month.