Visitors are no longer allowed at King’s Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital after restrictions were reintroduced to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

There are exceptions to the no visitor rule, which also means patients who attend the emergency department should do so alone. The exception is if they are a child or a vulnerable patient – including those with learning disabilities, autism or dementia – who are allowed one person to accompany them.

The exceptions to the reimposed restrictions include in maternity, where one person can attend with their partner for the 12-week and 20-week ultrasound scans, or during labour and birth. One person will be allowed on the antenatal ward between certain hours if you are admitted and also on the postnatal ward following  birth.

On the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, both parents will be permitted, but only one at a time unless otherwise agreed.

The children’s ward will allow a patient/carer to stay with a child.

In outpatients, one person will be allowed to accompany patients who are vulnerable and one person can accompany a patient attending a cancer clinic appointment.

Patients receiving end-of-life care will be allowed one visitor in any 24-hour period, the same person unless there are exceptional circumstances, the hospital said.

Dr April Brown, the hospital’s chief nurse, said: “When we first announced that visitors were allowed back into the hospital we said that this would be subject to change in line with COVID-19 concerns. 

“The changes that we have made are all in the interest of safety and in preventing an increase of COVID-19 cases in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.

“Everyone in our community can do their bit to help us make sure we are able to treat those who need medical attention the most by washing your hands, covering your face, and observing social distancing.”

The hospital said there would still be video calls from ward mobile phones and daily ward liaison calls to help to keep families in touch.

Front reception staff will be able to take essential items for patients between 9am 4pm, Mondays to Fridays.