Youngsters in yellow to show their support for a mental health charity.Pictures: Ian Burt

Despite the gloomy autumnal weather, rays of sunshine in the form of youngsters in yellow certainly brightened up the day.

The pupils, at Fairstead Community Primary School, wore yellow to raise funds for Young Minds, a mental health charity for children and young people.

Teaching assistant Bethanie Castledine said: “We held it last Friday, a day before World Mental Health Day and raised  £184.

“We also wanted to raise awareness for parents and children about mental health with what we are all going through this year.

“Our ethos at the school is that we are all here for each other. And not just for the pupils, we are here for the parents too, to talk about any concerns they might have.”

During the day, children throughout the school took part in an activity where they had to write down a compliment about a fellow pupil.

“And then they had to give themselves a compliment which took them outside their comfort zone a bit,” said Mrs Castledine.

“We all stuggle to give ourselves a compliment sometimes,” she added.