Trinity Rotary Club members and Snettisham residents ready to clean-up the beach.

King’s Lynn’s Trinity Rotary Club joined forces with Snettisham residents to clean-up a two-mile stretch of beach.

Working together for the first time, the volunteers cleared away rubbish washed up or left on Snettisham Beach by visitors, including lots of plastic items.

The event, on September 1, was such as success that another joint beach clean is planned on Sunday, September 20.

Trinity president Peter Harris said: “It was very enjoyable to work with the villagers. Although not many Rotarians live in Snettisham, we feel lovely beaches such as Snettisham should be looked after properly, so all who use it can enjoy it and not be put off by the presence of rubbish. 

“It also makes the point to those irresponsible enough to create the totally unnecessary waste that they should behave better. 

“We thank Hazel Bloor of Snettisham and Rotarian John Thorpe for coming up with the idea and organising the event.”

Hazel Bloor, Snettisham village organiser, added: “We are pleased to combine forces with Trinity which helps to get the job done much easier. We were also pleased at the small amount of rubbish we found, much less than in the past, despite that we did the clean-up immediately after the August Bank Holiday when you expect the beach to be well used. 

“As usual, the most common item we found was plastic, emphasising just how persistent it is in the environment.”

The next joint beach clean will start at Snettisham Beach car park at 10.30am.