Letters are being sent to 500 homes in North Lynn to remind residents to get rid of their waste properly.

There have been problems in the past with rubbish being dumped in alleyways and this week West Norfolk Council said people living in streets in the North End area were being reminded to put their waste out on the right days and in the right place at the front of their properties ready for collection.

A council spokesman said previous action had resulted in a reduction of waste being dumped in alleyways.

Brian Long, council leader, said: “There have been issues in the past with people fly-tipping their rubbish in the alleyways in the area. 

“These alleyways are private land and waste will not be collected from them. Residents must take responsibility for the waste they create and dispose of it legally, most people do. It keeps the area clean and tidy. 

“The borough council will investigate and prosecute cases of fly-tipping.”

As well as the reminder letters, signage in the area is also being updated.

Residents have been reminded they can make use of the council’s bulky waste collection service by calling 01553 776676 to book a collection and fly-tipping can be reported using an online form at www.west-norfolk.gov.uk/flytipping. 

Streets due to receive letters are: North End Yard/Fishermans Walk, Loke Road, Rope Walk, Walker Street, Sir Lewis Street, Cresswell Street, Burkitt Street, Lansdowne Street, Birchwood Street and George Street.