Plans for the new building in Seagate Road.

Plans to redevelop the site of a nightclub on Hunstanton seafront are to come under the spotlight next week.

Planning permission is being sought for three ground floor shops and 16 flats over five storeys at the former Kit Kat Club in Seagate Road.

The venue was destroyed by fire in April 1998 and the remains of the Art Deco building were demolished four years later, leaving the prominent site empty.

A mixture of one and two-bedroom flats are proposed, each with its own balcony, along with a shared roof garden and 16 parking spaces.

The West Norfolk Council officers are recommending the application by Greater Manchester Prop 1 Ltd be approved by the planning committee on Monday.

But Hunstanton Civic Society and the town council have objected, with both raising concerns about the height of the proposed building.

The civic society said it supported the development of the “eyesore” site, but said the building should ideally be similar in height to the two-storey Kit Kat Club.

“Although the visualisations look quite attractive they do not relate to the buildings that are in the vicinity,” the society said.

“Although not within the conservation area, it is near to it and therefore its presence must not detract from the ambience of the conservation area.”

Hunstanton Town Council also criticised the number of parking spaces included in the scheme.

In a report, officers said the building was “designed to be visible from key focal points” and meant to be prominent.

“The concept is modern and looks to the future which deliberately contrasts with the existing traditional Victorian and Edwardian architecture found within the town,” the report said.

Officers concluded the building’s height, materials and scale were acceptable and would cause “no significant harm” to the conservation area.