A community shop which has been a lifeline to many during lockdown urgently needs volunteers.

Before the pandemic, Fairstead Community Shop in Centre Point was operating with regular help.

But now, the shop is down to just two volunteers and is struggling to keep up with demand.

Shop manager Emma Brock said: “Our volunteers tend to be of an older age. But now they are too scared to come back after lockdown (because of their age) as they are more suseptible to coronavirus. 

“Even though I have all the right procedures in place, I would never force someone to come back.”

Mrs Brock said she had received a large number of donations as people had cleared out their cupboards during lockdown.

“But we have to quarantine the items for 72 hours, so we can’t quite get everything out quick enough,” she said.

The shop needs four volunteers – one at the till, two in the storeroom and one “floating”.

Mrs Brock added: “It’s been really tough with just the two of us. If anyone could just spare an hour or two that would be great. 

“I work around the volunteers, they don’t work around me.”

If you can help, visit Fairstead Community Shop or call 01553 404051 and ask for Emma Brock.