Sweets which could contain cannabis have been found. Picture: Norfolk Constabulary

Police have issued a warning after sweets which could be laced with cannabis have been found in the area.

The sweets are packaged to look like “Nerd Ropes” and police officers fear children and young people could be targeted.

Norfolk Police have said its Safer Schools Team has made schools aware after bags of the sweets, which state they contain cannabis on the packaging, were being sold for £12.

Sgt Daniel Edwards said: “Although they initially look like normal Nerds sweets we believe they are likely to contain cannabis, which is listed as an ingredient.

“We are currently having the sweets forensically tested for confirmation but would like the public to be aware and vigilant. We know that they are being offered to children in Norfolk, particularly in the King’s Lynn and Breckland areas.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sgt Daniel Edwards on 101.