Safer Summer Staycation
Stay Alert
West Ham v Wolves – Wolves (had the most corners), 12 corners in the game
Bournemouth v Crystal Palace – Bournemouth, 15
Newcastle v Sheffield United – Sheffield United, 6
Aston Villa v Chelsea – Chelsea, 12
Number of entrants: 27 
Chris Milsom32
Nigel Chapman32
Amy Anderson20
Luke Tordoff20
Adam Tucker20
Damien Cross16
Gavin Caney16
Jonny Cockerill16
Karl Brown16
Danny Pooley16
Dave Edgley16
Charlotte Caney16
Kevin Bates16
Robbie Palmer12
Andy Prior12
Lewis Bush12
Jon Parish12
Aaden Hayes8
Mike Griggs8
Alex Thaxton8
Aaron Beales8
Laura Shreeve8
Katie Allen4
Nancy Barnard4
Peter Jermany4
Joel Wille4
David Lane4
Chris Milsom44
Nigel Chapman44
Luke Tordoff36
Damien Cross32
Charlotte Caney32
Adam Tucker32
Jonny Cockerill28
Karl Brown28
Robbie Palmer28
Amy Anderson28
Dave Edgley28
David Lane28
Kevin Bates28
Gavin Caney24
Lewis Bush24
Aaden Hayes24
Jon Parish24
Laura Shreeve24
Andy Prior20
Danny Pooley20
Mike Griggs20
Alex Thaxton20
Peter Sampson20
Nancy Barnard16
Peter Jermany16
Joel Wille16
Aaron Beales16
Katie Allen12
Amy Anderson432
Peter Jermany424
Mike Griggs420
Andy Prior416
Jonny Cockerill412
Robbie Palmer412
Danny Pooley412
Jon Parish412
David Lane412
Nigel Chapman404
Karl Brown404
Aaden Hayes404
Lewis Bush396
Luke Tordoff396
Damien Cross392
Joel Wille392
Laura Shreeve380
Chris Milsom376
Kevin Bates372
Gavin Caney368
Nancy Barnard368
Dave Edgley368
Katie Allen340
Alex Thaxton332
Peter Sampson332
Aaron Beales300
Charlotte Caney296
Neil Goodbourn216
Jason Norman212
Kyle Nolan128
Lewis Cook124
Adam Tucker84
Kendell Benefer52
Charlotte Barrett28
Megan Spriggs24
Louis Brindle20
Max Gill16
Elise Cornwell12
Hannah Hornigold4
After the coronavirus break, rounds are often midweek and multiple times a week. To get involved with £325 prize money still up for grabs, please email or Tweet @GavinCaney