Beanz the common seal pup.

An rescued orphaned common seal pup is the first to be rehabilitated this season at RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre. 

The  pup, thought to be under two weeks old, was found weak and undernourished and weighed just 7.85kg.

He was rescued at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, by a volunteer for British Divers Marine Life Rescue and taken to the charity.

Alison Charles, manager at the wildlife centre, said: “This pup is lucky he was found when he was as we believe he had been separated from his mum and would have perished without her milk – he had lost a lot of weight and looked like a bag of bones.

“We are doing all we can to make sure he is fully rehabilitated and recovered before being released back into the wild. 

“We’ve named him Beanz as this year’s theme for common seals is beans, pulses and rice and it really suits him. He’s our first common seal pup at the centre this season so we thought Beanz was an appropriate name for him. 

“He’s currently being fed on a diet of liquidised herring which we like to call fish soup.”

The RSPCA has warned the public should never approach seals and keep any dogs well away and on a lead, as these are wild animals and can have a nasty bite. 

The charity also advises people not to approach pups they see, but monitor them from a safe distance for a 24 hour period, to see if the mother returns before contacting a rescue team by calling the 24-hour emergency line on 0300 1234 999.

Beanz is one of more than 300 wild animals being cared for at the centre at this time, with increasingly stretched resources.

The charity has an Amazon wish list of items it needs, which can be found at: