School mascot with Ashley Kirwan and Jack Curl delivering Year Six gifts.

There was a special delivery for some Year Six pupils at Gaywood’s Howard Junior School in the form of end-of-year gifts.

Staff donned fancy dress to spread some cheer to those not at school this term. Teacher Ashley Kirwan said: “We thought that by delivering the presents in costume it would bring them some cheer and create some final memories for their time at primary school.”

Jack Curl dressed as a chicken and Faye Short was school mascot Howie.

“The pupils were both shocked and pleased to see us with comments they were missing teachers and other pupils. 

“They also said they really appreciated the gifts. Parents also said they were grateful for us visiting and enjoyed the costumes.

“It is our idea of bringing back fun and laughter in difficult times to the children that really need it – those moving to a different stage in their education. It is our unique way of saying farewell and wishing them all the best for their future,”  he said.