Nick Curtis with Eden, 4, and Jonah aged one. Pictures: Ian Burt.

Four West Norfolk villages came together to hold a scarecrow festival for the first time.

Clenchwarton resident Jane Moore, an intensive care unit nurse, came up with the idea to “cheer everyone up in these dark days” and give her “something else to think about”.

Fellow residents Audrey Winter and her daughter Becky Adair agreed to organise the event, especially as the usual village carnival had been cancelled this year.

As word of the festival got round via posters and social media, the event quickly snowballed and residents from Terrington St Clement, Walpole Cross Keys and West Lynn got involved.

And on Saturday and Sunday, a number of scarecrows of all designs and characters appeared outside many homes.

Ms Winter said: “It was brilliant. There was an Elvis, a couple of Donald Trumps and a great one with an old petrol server. 

“I loved all the ones the children made. But I did like my own fisherman and his wife scarecrows.

“We had some rain at the weekend, but it didn’t stop people walking by or slowing down in their cars to have a look.”

She added: “And a lot of people said they will leave their scarecrows out during the summer.”

As the scarecrow festival had such a positive response, Ms Winter said a committee will be set up to organise another one for next June.