Peter Schroeck is looking forward to casting his eye over the sport’s young talent.Picture: IAN BURT.

SPEEDWAY: King’s Lynn are ready to step up their work with youngsters with a new junior track at the Adrian Flux Arena.

Minors & Brady Stars team boss Peter Schroeck has been running successful training schools at Rye House but has now linked up with Martin Hagon, owner of Hagon Shocks, who works closely to give young riders support and opportunities.

Lynn owner Keith Chapman has thrown his support behind the scheme as he is also keen to focus on nurturing young riders to eventually graduate into the first team.

Schroeck said: “I have started working with Hagon Shocks and we have decided to reopen the Academy and will be building a junior track at Lynn to help bring on youngsters.

“People who know me know that I am very passionate to see the youngsters progress as that’s what we have been very successful doing at Rye House.

“I believe the group of youngsters we’ve got coming through are ready for the challenge but we need to encourage them and their parents so they know there could be a future.

“I have been in the food industry for the last 20-odd years, which I’ve really enjoyed, but I am back doing what I came to England for in the first place. 

“That is this great sport of speedway, working with world youth rider Sam Hagon to help him, and King’s Lynn as team manager. Who knows it might not be too long and he will be wearing a Stars suit!”

Great Britain have a talented group of young riders progressing in the sport and they enjoyed a winter spell in Australia, where they raced in a series of meetings with World champions Jason Crump and Tai Woffinden.

λ British Speedway remains united in ‘cautious optimism’ about league racing this season.

All three leagues are refusing to give up on the 2020 season and are continuing to urge fans to ‘do the right thing’.

British Speedway Promoters chairman Rob Godfrey said: “Things are changing on a rapid basis and we are all encouraged to see it appears people are continuing to do the right thing to give us a chance of racing this year.

“The Premiership clubs had a catch-up via video conference call, the Championship clubs are in regular dialogue and Jason Pipe, back as National Development League co-ordinator, is in touch with clubs.

“There is little doubt in my own mind that some league racing will be possible this year. We can implement social distancing measures both inside and outside venues. I really do believe there will be some speedway this year.”

Vice-chairman Damien Bates said: “We are a long way from abandoning the season. We still believe there are strong possibilities that our sport can take place this season.

“We are continuing to look at a full quota of fixtures or perhaps half a season with 12 meetings per club plus play-offs.”