The timber tribute to the NHS created by workers at King’s Lynn port.

Port workers at King’s Lynn have spelled out their own tribute to NHS staff.

Since the beginning of lockdown, Associated British Ports (ABP) staff across the country have joined in a mission to express their appreciation for the NHS and key workers during the pandemic, creating visual displays using equipment and materials available in their locations.

Port teams have used a combination of different cargoes and equipment to spell out their message.

Materials used to spell out “NHS” have ranged from packs of timber imported for Travis Perkins at Lynn to pusher blades, concrete wall sections, bobcats, heavy gauge chains and fertiliser bags  at other ports.

Andrew Harston, ABP regional director for Wales and Short Sea Ports, said: “I really want to thank and pay tribute to all of our key workers who have been on the frontline, working on the quayside to keep vital cargoes coming in and out of the country.

“We have asked colleagues to work from home where possible but the majority of our employees are directly involved in handling goods, which means they need to be physically on the quayside.” 

He praised the port workers for doing a “magnificent job” which had allowed customers to continue operating throughout the crisis. 

ABP’s Ports of East Anglia contribute £360m to the UK economy each year with 3,700 regional and 5,300 national jobs.