The QEH.

Patients at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn can now give feedback about their care online thanks to new technology.

In the past, patients and relatives were asked to complete a paper survey called the Friends and Family Test (FFT), but they were removed during the pandemic to help prevent infection.

The QEH ran a successful trial using QR codes and the new system, which promises to be safer, quicker and cheaper, is going to be rolled out across the hospital.

To complete a survey now, patients scan the QR code on their phone and are automatically redirected to the survey website.

Going digital has also made the survey more accessible. Each online survey is available in multiple languages including Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Portuguese and Polish and any feedback is easily translated and fed back to the relevant teams.

Patients can also scan the codes and complete the survey at home, rather than having to complete on the spot.

Emma Harrison, patient experience and public involvement lead at the hospital, said: “Using the QR technology has allowed us to collect more data and capture an audience who might not have taken the time to fill out the cards before.

“Giving FFT feedback online has always been an option, but wasn’t widely known or used. Since the implementation of the codes, our web responses have increased.”

“Of course we appreciate that some patients and relatives will want to complete a hard copy feedback form, so we will ensure traditional forms will be available in all areas when infection control restrictions are lifted.”