The bank holiday sun brought visitors to Hunstanton on Monday. Picture: Ian Burt

The Bank Holiday heatwave turned out to be a busy time for coastal rescue teams.

As visitors enjoyed spending time on the beach and walking along the promenade at Hunstanton, rescue teams turned out again to Scolt Head Island after 18 people and five dogs became stranded near Brancaster on Monday.

Coastguard and RNLI rescue teams were alerted after a group of 14 adults and four children were cut off by the tide around 5.15pm.

A crew from Hunstanton RNLI rescued the group with the help of a team from Wells. They had to make several journeys and there were reports the adults  were trying to wade back to shore carrying the children on their shoulders.

It is also understood the group had been warned not to try to cross to the island as the tide was coming in.

Last week, three people were rescued from the island by a fisherman after getting trapped by the tide.

Also on Monday, at around 6.20pm rescue crews were called to help a woman who had fallen at Hunstanton promenade and was unconscious. 

Paramedics arrived and after being assessed in an ambulance the woman was allowed home.

At the same time, crews administered first aid to a woman who approached them with injuries after falling on rocks. 

She had cuts to her legs and lower back.

A spokesman for Norfolk Police said in most places people adhered to the guidelines during the busy weekend.