Five-year-old baker Jacob Langbridge has been thinking of others during lockdown.

A King’s Lynn youngster using baking to bring a smile to people’s faces during the pandemic has been shortlisted for a national award.

Jacob Langbridge, of Reffley, has been staying with his grandparents in Hertfordshire since the lockdown began nearly eight weeks ago.

The homesick five-year-old has kept busy by baking for the community, delivering handmade treats to isolated neighbours every week on what he calls “cheer up Friday”.

Now Jacob could be recognised in The Telegraph Lockdown Awards, voted for by the public.

He has reached the final three in the Britain’s best baker category after he was nominated by his proud dad, Paul.

“Jacob was a little bit down and struggling being away from home, so I wanted to give him a boost and let him know how proud we are of him,” Mr Langbridge said.

Jacob’s mum Kate is a nurse, is on the frontline at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, working on the COVID A&E unit, so the family decided it would be safer for the youngster, who has asthma, to move out for a while.

The separation has been difficult for everyone and his grandmother began baking with Jacob to lift his spirits.

Mr Langbridge, who works at One Traveller based in Swaffham, said: “Mum thought it would help to pass the time and as soon as you give him a spoon to lick, Jacob’s happy.

“They baked some treats for my grandparents, his great-grandparents, and left them on their doorstep, they told their friends and it went from there.”

Jacob began baking for other isolated people, delivering cakes, cookies and fudge in handmade boxes.

“They delivered some to my step-dad’s cousin who has terminal cancer,” Mr Langbridge said.

“My mum used to work with people with learning disabilities and they also took some treats to a client of hers who can’t go out at the moment.”

Jacob, a pupil at Reffley Academy, has also developed an interest in bird watching and  Mr Langbridge said they were looking forward to enjoying the outdoors and spending time together as a family again.

The public has until Friday, May 29 to vote for Britain’s best baker.

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