Daniel Ball and Simon Clarke hole out on the 18th on the return to action.

GOLF: The greens and fairways at King’s Lynn Golf Club were almost at capacity as the sport made a welcome return. 

However, strict social distancing measures meant the Castle Rising Road course was only able to cater for a maximum of 122 players – with 119 taking advantage for the first day of action since the lockdown restrictions were relaxed.

The course was open to members only with two-ball the only playing option.

Assistant to the club’s general manager Iain Yule said: “It has to be said that some pairs excelled in this on the first tee, with one in the left trees and one in the right!”

Marshals were used in the car park, on the first tee and on the course to ensure the temporary measures were adhered to and all course furniture was removed, including bins, divot boxes, rakes and ball retrievers, with fountains and ball washers covered.

Flagsticks were left in (with instructions not to touch them) with upturned cups, and penalty area stakes treated as immovable obstructions.

There are no plans for a return to competitive play in the near future, due to the multiple handling of scorecards by players, markers and verifiers.