Thomas Jorgensen is keeping his return to fitness under his hat! Picture: Ian Burt.

SPEEDWAY: King’s Lynn racer Thomas Jorgensen is fitter than ever before – but he can’t show it!

The Main Dane has had injury problems in recent seasons but spent all winter pounding the paths near his home and hitting the gym.

During the delay to the start of the new season, which currently runs until June 15 but will probably be longer, he has kept up his strict fitness regime.

“In terms of my fitness, everything is going well and my cardio work is up to date,” said Jorgensen. “I can still go running as we have got a good place near where we live.

“I am not near anybody, which is nice so I can still do my cardio because that is the only thing you really need in speedway.

“I am also doing bits at home like strength training and that is it really, so I haven’t really got any difficulties keeping fit at all.

“Speedway is about using your own body weight and doing lots of cardio work.”

Meanwhile, Stars co-promoter Dale Allitt has revealed how he has been told to self isolate for the 12-week period – and his wife is on the front line.

He said: “It has been a difficult few weeks. I was told to stay inside for 12 weeks and my wife works at Pilgrim Hospital, in Boston.

“She is one of those on the frontline fighting the virus, which means I am in one part of the house and she is in the other.

“We don’t get to see too much of each other as she is doing 12 or 13-hour shifts most days.

“It is the little things that you miss more than anything with things that you take for granted whether it is just a hug before or after work.”