Erik Riss, pictured with team manager Peter Schroeck preparing for the new season a few weeks ago, has been left marooned in Middlesbrough.

SPEEDWAY: Have you heard about the German and the Australian stuck in Middlesbrough?

But it’s no joke for King’s Lynn Stars racer Erik Riss and his partner Maddie.

After setting up his UK base on Teesside just weeks ago, Riss and his fiancée have had their lives turned upside-down by the coronavirus outbreak.

With the British Speedway Promoters’ Association announcing that UK racing is suspended until June 15 at the earliest, some riders have returned to their native countries with areas throughout Europe and the rest of the world having been put into lockdown to help prevent the spread of the disease.

However, that was not an option for the pair as they were unable to fly to Maddie’s native Australia, because their government has blocked all foreign nationals from entering the country with each of the Australian states also preventing moment.

“It is obviously a difficult situation not just for speedway but for everyone in the country and in most parts of the world,” Riss told King’s Lynn’s official club magazine Our Stars. 

“At this point in time our sport isn’t really that important to everyone overall.

“Of course, it still is to me on a personal level but I am not able to do my job because of the current situation. 

“I am looking for a job to help me get through the time until speedway starts again.

“The problem is that nobody knows when it will start again so I don’t know when I will have a job again, so I need to look for something to do now.

“Being in a different country and not at home is a bit hard. It is hard for both of us not being with our families.

“For us there was no option to go to Germany because they have closed their borders. There is also no option to go to Australia because they have closed their borders too, so we are stuck here and we have got to make the best of it.

“We’re both looking for a job now so we can try to get through this time until I can go back to racing for my two British clubs.”

Our Stars is King’s Lynn’s season delay programme/magazine, featured in last week’s Your Local Paper, and the first edition has had a good response. The brainchild of club promoter Dale Allitt, it gives Stars fans some reading material about the club as they wait for racing to start, hopefully later in the summer. 

Copies are available from to be delivered to your door.