Calum Burt, 10, with his rainbow picture placed in his window, along with the message “Everything will be Ok!” running along the top. Pictures: Ian Burt.

Colourful rainbows and uplifting messages have been appearing in windows across West Norfolk as the area’s children seek to put a smile back on everyone’s faces.

Paintings, drawings and crafts have been put on display by youngsters of all ages taking part in a morale-boosting campaign called UK Kids Windows.

The idea is for children to create something every few days and display what they have made in their front windows.

During the first week’s of the nation’s coronavirus lockdown, the theme was rainbows and the message was “All will be Ok”.

Children have embraced the idea wholeheartedly while staying at home and the pictures have appeared in front windows everywhere.

The campaign page can be found online on Facebook, search for UKkidswindows.

The group’s organisers said: “The hope is that the kids taking part can see they are all part of a bigger picture and they are experiencing the situation together.”

The theme changes every few days and others have included silly faces, flowers and jokes.

From tomorrow (Saturday) expect to see pictures of animals, followed by the themes encouraging words from April 7 and Easter eggs from April 10.

We would love to see your family’s colourful creations. 

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