FOOTBALL: I may be wrong but it appears that we could have quite a wait to find out how the Football Association and its relevant leagues are going to sort out the remainder of the 2019/20 season, writes Mark Hearle.

The terrible coronavirus pandemic brought everything grinding to a halt.

At the moment, football really means nothing to anyone, and nor should it, as we adapt to measures that our changing our days into experiences that none of us would have thought possible a month ago. 

However, we must all remain positive and when things have returned to something like normal, we have the small question of where King’s Lynn Town Football Club will be plying their trade when they next emerge on The Walks turf for a battle of a kind we are more accustomed to.

When we were rudely interrupted almost a fortnight ago, we were sitting in second spot, two points behind the leaders York City with a couple of games in hand with the end of season finishing line beginning to come into view. 

It was looking to be going right to the wire in about a month’s time before we would have seen who would be crowned champions and who would have drawn the raffle ticket that is the

Many people have thrown their hats into the ring as to the correct way to conclude the season. 

Some are decent ideas and others, such as declaring the season null and void, hold no water with me. 

How on earth could almost seven months of training, playing matches, travelling hundreds of miles for games not count for anything? 

There has to be winners and there will also be losers in whatever is decided over the next few weeks.