Will Linnets fans be raising a cheer or weeping into their drinks if an off-field decision over who goes up has to be made?Picture: IAN BURT.

FOOTBALL: There is talk of Premier League and Football League teams maybe starting again in June or July and completing their season from then, writes Mark Hearle. 

For non-League teams, I cannot see how we could entertain such a plan. 

Players that have contracts will usually run out at the end of April/early-May when the season usually ends. 

It’s impossible to extend players contracts, say to June, with no income coming into the football club to pay the wages. 

And, who is to say we could even be in a situation to play again then anyway?

Will there be football again this calendar year? Who knows? 

In my opinion, there are two options available: Firstly call the league as it stands today with the top two teams being promoted and draw a line under the season. 

Alternatively, decide the placings on a points ratio per game. There has to be a conclusion. 

As I said, there will be winners and losers, that I accept. Had we been in third spot in the table, on a run and in with a chance of finishing second and in control of our destiny, myself and the club would have been frustrated. I get that. 

We had been enjoying a remarkable season and to call it void would be plain wrong. 

We are living week to week in exceptional circumstances, ones I hope we will never see again. 

If we get to May and it looks like we still are no nearer a resumption, the sport’s governing bodies have to make the right decisions, not just for us, but for football in general. 

This is one decision that must not be allowed to fester. We all want an end game. 

λ I was sorry to hear last week that one of our
long-standing supporters, David McEwen, sadly passed away. 

I didn’t know David that well but he would always say hello and ask: “Are we going to win?” 

He was a tremendously loyal supporter of the club for many years and witnessed some difficult times as well as the recent good ones. 

He always came along to every game, rain or shine, win or lose. 

On behalf of the club I pass our best wishes to all of David’s family and friends at this difficult time.