St Michael’s Academy pupils taking part in their Home Guard workshop. Pictures: Ian Burt

Youngsters experienced what it was like to be a part of the Home Guard during the Second World War. 

St Michael’s Academy in South Lynn was visited by the Brancaster National Trust which carried out a Home Guard workshop.

Year six pupils donned helmets and waved flags as they learned about Britain’s last line of defence during the war, often referred to as, “the real Dad’s Army”.

Class teacher Hannah Toulcher said: Pupils have been learning about important events of the Second World War and the effects this had on adults and children.

“The Home Guard Experience included  information about war, rifle drills and battle orders and interactive sessions about weapons, soldiers and building defences for war.

“In the afternoon the pupils  did defence planning creating of nets/pill boxes and other defences to be placed on a map of the coast to reveal where the real defences were placed.”

Mrs Toulcher added: “The children really enjoyed the opportunity.”