Tickets are on sale for King’s Lynn Town Guides’ annual lecture in memory of their founder, Diana Bullock on Wednesday, March 25 at Lynn Town Hall. 

The Clown the Town Forgot will be presented by Tim FitzHigham, a trustee of Shakespeare’s Guildhall Trust, and will reveal new insights of the comedian Robert Armin. 

Guides’ chairman, Doreen Leventhall said: “Robert Armin was born in King’s Lynn, but has been largely overlooked by the town’s historians until recently. Fortunately, through pioneering new research undertaken by Shakespeare’s Guildhall Trust we now know so much more about him, including his former home in the town on today’s High Street.”

Mr FitzHigham is also chairman of the trust’s research group. He said: “The Clown the Town Forgot will reveal this latest research about Robert Armin, Shakespeare and the Guildhall and explain how understanding one is crucial to understanding them all.

 “Robert Armin is one of the most important and influential comedians in history. He is credited with being the major influence on Shakespeare. Armin was the first person to play the parts of the Porter in Macbeth, the Fool in Lear and Autolycus in Winter’s Tale. He also wrote his own plays and is the only other person in Shakespeare’s company to do so.”

The lecture, at 7.30pm, will take place in the Assembly Room. Tickets cost £8 and include a glass of wine. All proceeds will go towards the Guides’ fundraising for heritage and conservation organisations.

Tickets from the Tourist Information Centre in Stories of Lynn or call 01553 774297.