Stock money image. Picture: Pixabay.

A man in his 90s has been duped out of £6,000 by cold calling tricksters pretending to be police officers.

The victim, who lives in Dodman’s Close, King’s Lynn, withdrew the cash after receiving a telephone call last Thursday from a man claiming to be a detective.

The caller told the victim his bank was being investigated and, as part of police enquiries, the victim needed to withdraw £6,000.

The victim was told the money would be collected the following day and tested because it could be fake.

The pensioner withdrew the cash and it was collected from his home the following day by a man purporting to be a courier, using a codeword agreed over the phone.

PC Lee Anderton said: “This is sadly a common method used by fraudsters to encourage vulnerable victims to withdraw large sums of money from their accounts.

“Genuine police officers or staff would never approach residents and ask for cash withdrawals to be made or for people to purchase items on their behalf.

“I would ask people with vulnerable relatives, friends or neighbours to make sure they are aware of this type of scam.”

Anyone with concerns can call police on 101.