John Bridger presents the framed photos to Howard Junior School pupils and staff. Pictures: Ian Burt

When Your Local Paper reported on Howard Junior School’s fundraising activities for the Australian wildlife victims, the news soon spread to the other side of the world.

Hunstanton man John Bridger sent copies of YLP to relatives Damian and Ruth Knox in Australia who, in return, sent photos of themselves holding YLP to Mr Bridger who had the pictures framed to present to the school.

Headteacher Gregory Hill said: “We would like to thank Mr Bridger for coming in, he’s a wonderful man. He was deeply touched by what we had done. 

“He presented us with the framed photos and read a beautiful, emotive poem written by Damian and Ruth to say thank you. 

“It said “people may forget what you say, people may forget what you do but people never forget how you make them feel.”

“They are so glad that children on the other side of the world are thinking of them and caring for them.

“The children were very proud.”