SPEEDWAY: Great Britain international Craig Cook is revving up for his first full season in King’s Lynn colours, writes Robin Allen.

After finding things tough over the last couple of years, the Whitehaven-born rider now has a plan in place that should mean Stars supporters will see the best of him.

Cook said: “I feel the last two years have been a bit scattered; doing the Grand Prix in 2018 and then last year was a bit higgledy-piggledy too. We were all over the place not knowing what was going on, which was quite stressful.

“I think I can still do a great job at No.5. I always feel like I have underachieved so we have put things into place in the off-season where I can get things right and get things organised, getting myself in a position where I am doing my job properly.

“I knew who I was signing for, so everything has been stress-free, getting all the bikes ready, so I am pretty much ready to go for this season.”

The Stars will have two former British champions in their ranks again this year and Cook was quick to praise the King’s Lynn No.1 Robert Lambert.

“I always feel that Robert is always probably going to be the No.1. He had a bit of an off season in 2019 but knows his way around Lynn better than anyone. 

“I think he will get himself back together and back to his form from two years ago.”

The former Grand Prix star has also welcomed the alterations being made to British tracks and feels those changes will benefit the sport in the UK.

Cook said: “It is good see that promoters are running the tracks a bit slicker to suit the bikes of today. 

“Even Lynn has been slicker than it ever used to be but it is still grippy. 

“The bikes are designed to be so much more aggressive and get so much more traction, which can make it difficult racing.

“There is going to be some little changes to the track at Lynn this year and I think once we get dialled in around there you’ll see how good the racing can be. 

“Once we get settled, it will be a massive benefit to us at home and probably even more so, on the road.”