Action under way at the Rotary Club Swimarathon event at St James Pool.

SWIMMING: Eight teams from West Norfolk Swimming Club covered 48km and raised more than £1,200 during the 2020 King’s Lynn Rotary Club Swimarathon.

The charity event was held at the Alive St James pool between noon and 8pm on Saturday with a total of 48 teams representing a variety of organisations and work places. 

Groups of friends also took part, all helping to raise funds towards a Rotary Club target of £20,000.

The event, which was primarily raising funds for The Lavender Hill Mob (, which provides opportunities for anyone, regardless of age, experience or ability, in musical theatre, and mental health charity, Norfolk and Waveney MIND (

Teams competed to complete the most lengths in an allotted 55-minutes with swimmers taking turns to swim one at a time for the first 50 minutes, rounded off with all team members swimming simultaneously for the last five minutes. 

The West Norfolk SC teams racked up a combined 1,921 lengths, over 48km, at an average of 1km each.

Six of the club’s teams took over all six lanes of the pool for the last session, which saw some fierce competition. 

Stop Watching It’s Not Funny were the team that everyone else wanted to beat, as it comprised a number of the club’s coaches, including a rare appearance in the pool by head coach Sarah Vanderloo.

Periodically, the announcer reported the tallies of lengths completed, drawing cheers from swimmers and spectators alike. 

The water boiled during the final five-minute free-for-all, with all teams looking to add to their scores to be crowned club champions.

In the end it was Big Boys who completed the most lengths in the 55 minutes, a total of 314, covering a distance of 7.8km. 

This was also the highest number of lengths completed by any team during the whole day.

At the end of the event, with more pledges still to come in, the running tally of the money raised by West Norfolk SC’s teams was £1,205, an average of £150 per team.

West Norfolk SC team results:

Big Boys Team (314 lengths): Robert Addis, Freddie Laws, Jake Lammas, Sam Rose, Harry Sharpe and Joe Wells.

Stop Watching It’s Not Funny (255): Jake Hall, Archie Holman, Ryan Sykes, Sarah Vanderloo, Mair Morton and Sarah O’Brien,

WN Team (251): Molly Lee, Leah Wightman, Joe Read, Rebecca Read, Ella Farnsworth and Lara Grace Mount,

Purple Team (240): Libby Collins, Esmie Kidman, Chloe Liddell, Olivia Skittrell, Jamie Sturge and Kristina Sutika-Totlebena

DS Squad (235): Thomas James, Esmee King, Erin Woodrow, Pemberley Hornigold, Thomas Garnett and Matilda Loram

WN Swim Boys (231): Rhys Burrell, George Evans, Josh Parker, Jack Sharpe, Nathan Yeaman and Harry Malton

Floatin’ Torpedoes (215): Chloe Bellamy, Marley Bellamy, Alex Bryan, Kacie Cooper, Abigail Nicholson and Jack Drage

Big Fish Little Fish (180): Ned Steele, Eliza Steele, Rhys Sturge, Thomas Arthur Jagger, Alfie Jagger and Harry Munro.