West Norfolk swimmers. Back: Jack Sharpe, Harry Malton. Front: Robert Addis, Harry Sharp and Jake Lammas.

SWIMMING: A total of 74 swimmers from West Norfolk SC were in action in the first leg of the Norfolk County Championships at Norwich Sportspark. 

The competition runs across three consecutive weekends and sees more than half the club’s swimmers in action after reaching the necessary qualifying times. 

The girls got things underway on Saturday with the 800m freestyle, while the boys had to wait until the afternoon for their 1500m event. On Sunday the racing was reversed. 

The freestyle events saw West Norfolk swimmers give a great account of themselves, racking up a clutch of 15 medals and a host of personal best times.

Girls 800m freestyle – 12yrs: Wiktoria Marcineck, 11.26.77 (PB), bronze.

13yrs: Olivia Skittrell, 10.57.14, bronze; Chloe Bellamy, 11.14.15 (PB), 6th; Jaime Sturge, 12.08.38. 8th q. 

14yrs: Esmie Kidman, 10.22.48 (PB), silver. 

15yrs: Leah Wightman, 10.04.18, silver in age group and in 16/under. 

17/over: Joseph Read, 10.41.56, 9th. 

Boys 1500m freestyle – 13yrs: Harry Malton, 21.50.03, 5th; Rhys Burrell, 22.37.87, 6th.

15yrs: Harvey Isle, 19.20.47, 4th and 5th 16/under; Harry Sharpe, 19.10.24, bronze and 4th 16/under. 

16yrs: Robert Addis, 19.35.18, silver and 6th 16/under. 

17/over: Freddie Laws, 17.57.81, gold and bronze in the open category; Callum Stedman, 18.30.62, bronze and 5th in open. 

Boys 800m freestyle – 13yrs: Jack Sharpe, 11.08.24, 4th; Harry Malton, 11.11.58, 5th.

15yrs: Harry Sharpe 9.52.47.bronze; Harvey Isle 10.11.54, 5th.

16yrs: Robert Addis, 10.01.82, silver. 

17/over: Joseph Wells 9.25.87, gold; Jake Lammas 9.52.57, silver. 

Girls 1500m freestyle – 12yrs: Wiktoria Marcinek, 21.48.01, bronze.

13yrs: Olivia Skittrell, 20.23.64, bronze.

14yrs: Esmie Kidman, 19.42.62, gold. 

15yrs: Leah Wightman, 19.16.56, silver.

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