Bus livery designer Jamie Read, WNCT general manager Fiona Matchett with YLP reporter Natalie Copeland and managing director Alan Taylor. Pictures: Ian Burt
Safer Summer Staycation
Safer Summer Staycation

Your Local Paper and West Norfolk Community Transport (WNCT) have joined forces again to put a second bus on the road.

After last year’s successful launch of the first YLP-branded bus, another has been designed by the paper’s production manager Jamie Read.

The new design features pictures of some of West Norfolk’s iconic areas and landmarks taken by photographer Paul Tibbs.

WNCT’s general manager Fiona Matchett said: “I think the new bus looks awesome and it really stands out. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Your Local Paper.

Alan Taylor, YLP’s managing director, said he was delighted with the collaboration. 

“As the bus is to be driven across West Norfolk, it is a brilliant way to remind our readers and advertisers that we are not just available for free in print, but also online and via our app,” he said.

“This is the second bus we have sign-written with WNCT and we are so pleased to be working with them again.”

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