Cameron Quinn sporting one of his creative creations.
Safer Summer Staycation

A West Norfolk chef has swapped the kitchen for the beauty salon as he pursues a career as a make-up artist.

Cameron Quinn, 23, of Balmoral Road in Gaywood, has packed away his cook book and taken up a place at House of Bellàmie in St Ann’s Street in King’s Lynn.

And, while Mr Quinn is busy building up his client list, his hobby for more creative make-up work has seen him garner more than 400,000 views on social media platform Tik Tok.

“I love doing the glamorous make-up and making clients feel beautiful and more confident in themselves,” said Mr Quinn, who is self-taught, having been inspired after watching online tutorials on intricate Halloween make-up.

“I have a passion for my job and it doesn’t feel like working, I am just doing what I’ve done for the past couple of years at home, practicing on myself.”

A model showing off his client work.

Mr Quinn, who previously worked as a chef at Lynn’s Liquor and Loaded, said it was becoming more usual for men to have careers as make-up artists

 “It’s all about the creativity of the art for me. I love everything creative and make-up is really coming back as an art form,” he said.

Safer Summer Staycation