James Wild who was elected as MP for North West Norfolk
Safer Summer Staycation
Safer Summer Staycation

There were victories for both the Conservative candidates in North West and South West Norfolk in yesterday’s elections.

Newcomer James Wild retained the North West Norfolk seat held by Sir Henry Bellingham for many years and sitting South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss was re-elected.
There were increased Tory majorities in both constituencies.

Elizabeth Truss.
Picture: Ian Burt

Results: North West Norfolk: James Wild (Cons) 30,627, Jo Rust (Labour) 10,705, Rob Colwell (Lib/Dem) 3,625 and Andrew Michael de Whalley (Green Party) 1,645 who lost his deposit after failing to win five per cent of the vote.

South West Norfolk: Elizabeth Truss (Cons) 35,507, Emily Blake (Labour) 9,312, Josie Ratcliffe (Lib/Dem) 4,166, Pallavi Devulapalli (Green Party) 1,645, Earl Elvis of Outwell (Official Monster Raving Loony Party) 836.
Both the Green Party and Monster Raving Loony Party candidates lost their deposits.

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