Round 17 results/top scorers

Chelsea v West Ham

Chelsea (had the most corners),
12 corners in the game 

Liverpool v Brighton

Brighton, 9

Tottenham v Bournemouth

Bournemouth, 12

Southampton v Watford

Watford, 13

Number of entrants: 29

24 points (out of a possible 48): Danny Pooley 

20: Peter Jermany

16: Amy Anderson, David Lane, Peter Sampson

12: Nancy Barnard, Charlotte Caney, Jonny Cockerill, Damien Cross, Dave Edgley, Aaden Hayes, Laura Shreeve, Alex Thaxton, Joel Wille, Chris Milsom

Average points scored: 9.37

November’s final scores 

Congratulations to Peter Jermany who is the winner of the £25 top-scorer monthly prize as a result of winning the tiebreak (closest guess to total number of corners, 426, in the month from 36 matches). Commiserations to Peter Sampson and Karl Brown who lost out in the tiebreak (TB).

1 Peter Jermany (395 TB) 76

2 Peter Sampson (360 TB) 76

3 Karl Brown (325 TB) 76

4 Lewis Bush 72

4 Laura Shreeve 72

6 Aaden Hayes 68

7 David Lane 64

8 Amy Anderson 60

8 Damien Cross 60

8 Chris Milsom 60

8 Jon Parish 60

12 Kevin Bates 56

12 Jonny Cockerill 56

12 Jason Norman 56

12 Danny Pooley 56

12 Alex Thaxton 56

12 Joel Wille 56

18 Katie Allen 52

18 Gavin Caney 52

18 Nigel Chapman 52

18 Dave Edgley 52

18 Robbie Palmer 52

23 Mike Griggs 48

23 Andy Prior 48

23 Luke Tordoff 48

26 Nancy Barnard 44

27 Charlotte Caney 44

28 Aaron Beales 40

29 Neil Goodbourn 36

November summary…

Round 13 

Friday, November 1

Brighton v Norwich:
Brighton, 11

Watford v Chelsea: Chelsea, 7

Crystal Palace v Leicester: Leicester, 11

Everton v Tottenham:
Everton, 7

Top scorer: 28 Karl Brown

Average points scored: 12.42 

Number of entrants: 28

Round 14 

Friday, November 8

Burnley v West Ham:
Burnley, 15

Leicester v Arsenal:
Leicester, 9

Wolves v Aston Villa: Wolves, 9

Liverpool v Man City:
Man City, 17

Top scorer: 24 Kevin Bates  

Average points scored: 12.68

Number of entrants: 29

Round 15 

Friday, November 15

Northern Ireland v Holland: Holland, 5

Croatia v Slovakia: Croatia, 17

Bulgaria v Czech Republic: Czech Republic, 13

Andorra v Turkey: Turkey, 5

Top scorers: 16
(19 players scored this) 

Average points scored: 14.06

Number of entrants: 29

Round 16 

Friday, November 22

Bournemouth v Wolves: Wolves, 14

Watford v Burnley: Watford, 12

Man City v Chelsea:
Man City, 10

Sheffield United v Man United: Sheffield United, 9

Top scorer: 16 Karl Brown, Lewis Bush, Mike Griggs, Aaden Hayes and Laura Shreeve 

Average points scored: 8.68 

Number of entrants: 29

Scores after 17 rounds

1 Peter Jermany 228

2 Jonny Cockerill 224

2 Joel Wille 224

4 Amy Anderson 216

4 Karl Brown 216

4 David Lane 216

4 Danny Pooley 216

8 Lewis Bush 212

8 Aaden Hayes 212

10 Andy Prior 204

10 Laura Shreeve 204

12 Damien Cross 200

12 Mike Griggs 200

14 Jon Parish 196

15 Neil Goodbourn 192

15 Jason Norman 192

15 Robbie Palmer 192

18 Gavin Caney 188

18 Alex Thaxton 188

20 Kevin Bates 184

21 Chris Milsom 180

22 Nigel Chapman 176

22 Dave Edgley 176

24 Nancy Barnard 172

25 Katie Allen 168

25 Peter Sampson 168

27 Charlotte Caney 160

27 Luke Tordoff 160

29 Aaron Beales 156

30 Kyle Nolan 128

31 Lewis Cook 124

32 Kendell Benefer 52

33 Charlotte Barrett 28

34 Megan Spriggs 24

35 Louis Brindle 20

36 Max Gill 16

37 Elise Cornwell 12

38 Hannah Hornigold 4

Another £25 up for grabs this month

Remember, £25 is up for grabs again in December for the month’s top-scoring player. 

Points scored in each round go towards a season’s total where the highest-scoring player will pocket the £250 prize in May. 

The competition is free to enter, no registration is required and with 48 points up for grabs each round, it won’t take long to catch up if you’re only now deciding to get involved. 

December tiebreaker: How many corners will be taken in the Premier League in December? (from 49 matches, excluding the 14 games played before Friday December 6)*

* In the event of a tie for the month’s top-scoring £25 prize, the tiebreaker will be used to determine who wins the money. 

It will be given to the player with the closest guess to the actual amount of corners that are taken.

Statistically speaking

• November had the most rounds (five) of any since the competition started in August.

• From those five rounds, 20 fixtures were selected. The home team took more corners in 10 of the games while exactly the same amount of games saw the away side take the lion’s share.

• November was the first month so far where there hasn’t been a draw – ie both teams have taken the same amount of corners in a fixture.

• Spare a thought for Karl Brown. He was a round winner on three occasions out of five throughout November and joint top-scored with 76 points. However, he was defeated on the tiebreak along with Peter Sampson. It was doubly worse for Brown who led the way in the race for November’s £25 with one round to go yet saw his four-point lead reined in by Peter Jermany, who entered the final round of the month 16 points behind the then-leader. Jermany’s 20 points, coupled with Brown’s four, was enough to do the damage. Brown, joint fourth, finished second in October, missing out on the monthly prize to Jermany, again – this time by eight points. 

• From the 20 selected fixtures, an average of 10.85 corners were taken each match.

• Nancy Barnard and Charlotte Caney suffered the frustration of enduring a zero points scoring round.

• Only 17 players have taken part in all 17 rounds. 

• The highest-positioned player who has missed at least one round is Lewis Bush. He sits joint-eighth out of 38 entrants in whole. 


1) Watford v Crystal Palace

Premier League,
Tomorrow, 3pm

a) Who will get more corners? Watford, Crystal Palace or draw 

b) Total number of corners 

2) Man City v Man United

Premier League,
Tomorrow, 5.30pm

a) Who will get more corners? Man City, Man United or draw 

b) Total number of corners

3) Aston Villa v Leicester

Premier League,
Sunday, 2pm

a) Who will get more corners? Aston Villa, Leicester or draw 

b) Total number of corners

4) Norwich v Sheffield United

Premier League,
Sunday, 2pm

a) Who will get more corners? Norwich, Sheffield United or draw 

b) Total number of corners

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drop them into Your Local Paper’s office (before 5pm today) or Tweet him @GavinCaney on Twitter. Predictions via social media or email must be submitted before 3pm tomorrow.

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