Nelson Academy pupils with their Egyptian creations. Pictures: Ian Burt

Youngsters at a Downham Market school have been learning about important rituals in ancient Egypt with  a creative lesson.

Using old newspapers donated by Your Local Paper, year two pupils from Nelson Academy have been busy working on their paper mache canopic jars.

They painted the jars in traditional Egyptian colours and learned how they were used during the mummification process.

Class teacher Sian Kirwan said the practical lesson was a follow-up exercise after a recent trip to Norwich Museum as part of their ancient Egypt project.

She said: “The children made their canopic jars and chose to paint one of the four gods which protected the organs.

“The children really engaged. They loved learning about the gruesome stuff which was part of the mummification process. I think it’s because they are quite young and don’t think too much about it.”

Mrs Kirwan said it was important children learned about ancient Egypt.

“We have lots of links with regards to medicine and there’s a still things we have from that time today.”