West Norfolk AC’s Sportshall team at Lynnsport.Picture: TONY PAYNE.
Safer Summer Staycation
Safer Summer Staycation

ATHLETICS: West Norfolk AC juniors excelled at the second Sportshall meeting of the season at Lynnsport. 

U11 girls Emma Garrett and Dani Wathan ran an impressive four-lap paarlauf in 57.7. 

Wathan scored 26 in the vertical jump and came 10th in the six-lap race in 96.1.

Garrett ran 57.7 for the four-lap, coming eighth overall. Both girls did well in the speed bounce – Garrett scoring 34 and Wathan 32.

The u11 boys’ team of Charlie Broad, Henry Gosnell, Jak Hewitt, Kai Peggs, Herbie Gray and Brett Wood came an impressive third place overall. 

Broad was first in the long jump, with 197.1, and in the two-lap race in 24.3. 

Peggs performed impressively in the two-lap with a third place time of 25.0. Wood scored 27 and Peggs 34 for the vertical jump. Hewitt was third in the chest press with 6.25 and Gosnell threw a best of 5.25 in the same event. 

Gray came ninth in the two-lap hurdles with a time of 28.9.

The u13 girls’ team of Emma Broad, Amelia Gooding, Sophie Garrett, Jess Milnes, Jen Wood and Erin Woodrow finished fourth. 

The best results were Gooding’s six-lap and triple jump, 6.14, second places .

Milnes was second in the shot, 7.63, third in the two-lap and fourth in the speed bounce with 71 jumps. 

Garrett’s debut triple jump saw her finish 10th with 4.88 and Woodrow threw 5.76 in the shot.

Schwarz scored 38 in the speed bounce and 1.42 in the standing long jump, both as an individual athlete. 

Broad performed well with 31 in the vertical jump and eighth in the long jump. 

The 4×2 lap relay team came fifth.

Charlie Tunmore and Alfie Bone proved themselves in the u13 boys’ team, coming in fourth overall, scoring a time of 146.4 and second place in the eight-lap paarlauf. 

Tunmore was fifth in the four-lap and fourth in the triple jump, while Bone jumped 39 and came fifth in the vertical jump and seventh in the four-lap with a time of 56.1. 

In the individual u15 age group, Holly Lawrence finished fourth overall, achieving first place in the four-lap event in 50.7 and third in the two-lap sprint.

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