From left, Richard Girdlestone, Louis Royle and Mel Payne.

Champion Louis Royle is dreaming of following in the footsteps of fellow King’s Lynn boxer Stevi Levy.

The 18-year-old proved his undoubted class once again over the weekend by tasting Celtic Box Cup glory in Dungarvan. It is the second year in a row Royle has triumphed at the prestigious tournament in Ireland and now the teenager is eyeing his next challenge.

One option could be to eventually turn professional – a scene he has already had a taste of by sparring at Norwich’s famous Pro Box Gym. It is a route that looks even more inviting, given it is the exact journey that fellow Lynn boxer Levy took to turn pro.

“She’s done absolutely brilliantly,” said Royle, who, like Levy, trains at Lynn’s Heros Gym. 

“It’s lovely to see. She deserves everything and trains so hard. When you see someone like Stevi do so well for herself, it makes you want to do just as well. 

Royle celebrates.

“She’s always got a big crowd and it is inspiring for all of us to see her doing really well because it makes us feel like we can do the same sort of thing.

“Mel (Payne, coach) wants me to stay amateur for a while still but I’ve been told I’ve got a style that suits the pro game so we’ll see what happens in the future.”

Regardless of what happens next, Royle has already shown he has got bags of potential. 

The Lynn Youth Boxing Club starlet, who won the 64kg Cup crown in 2018, has only been boxing for two years. His latest success came at 69kg when he saw off America’s Shea Willett on Saturday before beating home favourite William Hamill on Sunday.

“It was so emotional,” admitted the hot prospect, who is coached by Payne and Richard ‘Rooster’ Girdlestone.

“Hamill had a crowd over there. There were Irish judges, so we thought if it was close it would go against me. 

“I did my own thing, made it into a fight, and it paid off. To win it again means all the hard work has paid off.”

Lynn’s 75kg Kyran Humphries, 17, went down 3-2 on a split decision against Marco Lynas. 

Payne and Girdlestone said they felt the decision was fair and were extremely proud of both lads.

Missing out on special Linnets days

Playing for Gayton every Saturday has its disadvantages.

For a start, it hardly pleases the wife. Secondly, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to ‘choose’ not to spend the afternoon with my son. Thirdly, my ability peaked at the age of eight and it’s been a long road downhill ever since. And finally, despite having won seven of our nine Anglian Combination Division Two games so far, I’m missing out on some special times for King’s Lynn Town.

The Linnets have been a huge part of my life for almost 20 years, initially as a fan, then as a young player, then as a journalist, then as a fan again and more recently (very briefly) as a player.

I’ve seen some dark days and amazing times but this Linnets team is special. Flying high at Step Two and one win away from the FA Cup first round proper. I’m so happy playing for Gayton but, boy, do I wish this season had arrived a few years ago.


Norwich v Aston Villa:
Norwich (had most corners),
16 corners in the game

West Ham v Crystal Palace: Draw, 4

Arsenal v Bournemouth:
Arsenal, 19

Newcastle v Man United:
Man United, 10


Number of entrants: 32

20pts (out of a possible 48): Nancy Barnard, Charlotte Caney, Mike Griggs, Jon Parish, Peter Sampson 

16: Katie Allen, David Lane, Peter Jermany, Danny Pooley

(after nine rounds)

1 Joel Wille 136

2 Amy Anderson,
Danny Pooley 128

4 Jonny Cockerill,
Kyle Nolan 124

6 Mike Griggs,
Aaden Hayes 116

8 Lewis Bush, Damien Cross, Neil Goodbourn, Andy Prior 112 


1 Peterborough Utd v Lincoln City. League One, tomorrow, 3pm

a) Who will get more corners? Peterborough, Lincoln or draw?

b) Total number of corners 

2 Salford City v Cambridge Utd. League Two, tomorrow, 3pm

a) Who will get more corners? Salford, Cambridge or draw? 

b) Total number of corners

3 Cyprus v Russia. Euro 2020 Qualifier, Sunday, 5pm

a) Who will get more corners? Cyprus, Russia or draw?

b) Total number of corners 

4 Scotland v San Marino. Euro 2020 Qualifier, Sunday, 5pm 

a) Who will get more corners? Scotland, San Marino or draw?

b) Total number of corners

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