Protesters from the Extinction Rebellion King’s Lynn and West Norfolk group are demanding the borough council declare a climate emergency.

Campaigners this week submitted a petition signed by 396 people to West Norfolk Council and they hope their call for action will be debated at the full council meeting on Thursday.

The petition comes days after parts of the coast were placed on evacuation alert due to flooding fears caused by recent high tides and areas of Lynn were also placed on high alert.

Local Extinction Rebellion member Dr Charlie Gardner said: “Parts of the borough were nearly flooded last week and this is going to happen more and more frequently as the sea levels keep rising.

“If nothing is done, parts of West Norfolk will have to be abandoned. So climate change isn’t something that’s going to happen somewhere else in the future – it’s already threatening us, and our property, here in Norfolk.”

Campaigners will be holding a demonstration outside Lynn Town Hall on Thursday while councillors debate the climate emergency motion.

Previous climate change strikes in West Norfolk have seen people of all ages get involved.

Last month, school children and college students staged protests across the borough to demand urgent action on climate change.

And, in May, campaigners from Extinction Rebellion protested outside the town hall before newly elected councillors at the annual mayor-making ceremony.