Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock shows his humorous side by lining up in an imaginary wall with four VIP guests ahead of taking the microphone at the second Caney’s Corner Live on Thursday. Pictures: Paul Tibbs
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We knew what we were in for from the moment we met him.

Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock is a big man and he’s got an even bigger personality. It’s exactly why he’s made a great career out of touring the country to do after-dinner speeches. And exactly why he’s gone on to become an integral figure on reality TV director’s wish-lists.

The former footballer says what he thinks, delivers it clearly and has an amazing knack of telling side-splitting stories from a time when things were less politically correct.

Underneath it all he’s a big softy but there’s definitely a showman side to ‘Razor’ – which everyone who attended the second Caney’s Corner Live, in association with AMA Waste, saw when he took to the stage at the Duke’s Head last Thursday.

Ruddock didn’t mince his words, many of which were more adult friendly, and told tale after tale that genuinely had people roaring with laughter like they would have done had they paid to see a comedian rather than a retired sportsman.

It wouldn’t be fair – given he takes his show on the road – to give away too many details. 

But plenty of the anecdotes involved lashings of alcohol during a time in the 1990s when footballers were let off their leash a lot more.

Hilarious tales of times with Gazza, Ian Rush, Ian Wright and company saw happy tears flowing as well as the beers as Razor kept himself topped up, much to the delight of the raucous crowd, before his solo speech ended and he was joined on the stage by host Gavin Caney for even more fun.

Your Local Paper managing director Alan Taylor said: “To say Razor went down a storm is an understatement. The crowd absolutely loved him and he had everyone in stitches with his funny stories. It was a very different type of night to the first Caney’s Corner Live with Iwan Roberts and Darren Huckerby, but we’re flexible and keen to let our guests ensure they and the crowd have the best night possible.

“The feedback has been great and we can’t wait to see what 2020 brings with our live events as we continue to prove why we’re No.1 for sport and giving something back to our readers and West Norfolk as a whole.”

A different sport is likely to be the show’s next focus, but whoever appears will have big shoes to fill in more ways than one.”

Quote of the week:

‘It was brilliant at Liverpool. I earned £24,000 a week and for six months I had Saturdays off’ Neil Ruddock

Thank you

There are far too many people to praise regarding our evening with Razor.

But it’s only right to just squeeze in a quick show of appreciation to the following for providing raffle prizes: Priors Butchers, Corn Exchange, Duke’s Head and Your Local Paper.

Who’s next?

So that’s two very different nights held at the Duke’s Head Hotel.

But who do you want to see in 2020? We’re looking to put on at least four shows, so please send your suggestions for who you’d like to see via email to or Twitter (@GavinCaney) and we’ll see what we can do. 


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