Round Four results/top scorers

Chelsea v Sheffield United

Sheffield United (had the most corners), seven corners in the game 

Crystal Palace v Aston Villa

Crystal Palace, 15

Everton v Wolves

Draw, 14

Arsenal v Tottenham

Arsenal, 17

Number of entrants: 35

16 points (out of a possible 48): Aaden Hayes.
12: Katie Allen, Lewis Cook.
8: Gavin Caney, Jonny Cockerill, Chris Milsom, Nigel Chapman, Lewis Bush, Joel Wille, Jason Norman, Mike Griggs, Neil Goodbourn, Alex Thaxton, Aaron Beales.

Total scores after four rounds

Congratulations to Joel Wille, who is the first winner of the £25 top-scorer monthly prize.

1 Joel Wille 76

2 Jonny Cockerill 68

3 Jason Norman 64 

4 Lewis Bush 60

4 Lewis Cook 60

  6 Damien Cross 56

  6 Aaden Hayes 56

  8 David Lane 52

  8 Kyle Nolan 52

  8 Danny Pooley 52

11 Gavin Caney 48

11 Andy Prior 48

13 Nancy Barnard 44

13 Karl Brown 44

13 Nigel Chapman 44

13 Mike Griggs 44

17 Neil Goodbourn 40

17 Robbie Palmer 40

19 Amy Anderson 36

19 Kevin Bates 36

19 Dave Edgley 36

19 Peter Jermany 36

19 Jon Parish 36

24 Charlotte Caney 32

24 Chris Milsom 32

24 Laura Shreeve 32

27 Katie Allen 28

27 Kendell Benefer 28

29 Aaron Beales 24

29 Megan Spriggs 24

29 Alex Thaxton 24

29 Luke Tordoff 24

33 Max Gill 16

34 Elise Cornwell 12

35 Hannah Hornigold 4

The season so far…

Round One 

Friday, August 9

Watford v Brighton: Watford, 7

Spurs v Aston Villa: Spurs, 14

Newcastle v Arsenal: Newcastle, 8

Man United v Chelsea: Chelsea, 8

Top scorer: 28 Danny Pooley and Joel Wille 

Average points scored: 12.88 

Number of entrants: 27 


Friday, August 16

Norwich v Newcastle:
Norwich, 12

Southampton v Liverpool: Liverpool, 14

Sheffield United v Palace: Sheffield United, 12

Chelsea v Leicester:
Leicester, 9

Top scorer: 24 Kevin Bates, Lewis Cook, Jason Norman and Joel Wille 

Average points scored: 12.75

Number of entrants: 32


Friday, August 23

Brighton v Southampton: Brighton, 13

Liverpool v Arsenal:
Liverpool, 10

Bournemouth v Man City:
Man City, 9

Wolves v Burnley: Wolves, 7

Top scorer: 32 Laura Shreeve  

Average points scored: 15.48

Number of entrants: 31


Friday, August 30

Chelsea v Sheffield United: Sheffield United, 7

Crystal Palace v Aston Villa: Crystal Palace, 15

Everton v Wolves: Draw, 14

Arsenal v Tottenham:

Arsenal, 17

Top scorer: 16 Aaden Hayes 

Average points scored: 5.21

Number of entrants: 35

Another £25 up for grabs this month

Remember, £25 is up for grabs again in September for the month’s top-scoring player. 

Points scored in each round go towards a season’s total where the highest-scoring player will pocket the £250 prize in May. 

The competition is free to enter, no registration is required and with 48 points up for grab each round, it won’t take long to catch up if you’re only now deciding to get involved. 

Second month tiebreaker: How many corners will be taken in the Premier League in September? (30 matches)*

* In the event of a tie for the month’s top-scoring £25 prize, the tiebreaker will be used to determine who wins the money. 

It will be given to the player with the closest guess to the actual amount of corners that are taken.

Statistically speaking

• 10 of the 16 fixtures have seen the home teams take more corners. 

• Five have been away, while only one of the matches has seen a draw.

• From the 16 games chosen, an average of 11 corners have been taken. 

• Only Jonny Cockerill (three times), Lewis Cook (three times), Joel Wille (twice), Damien Cross (twice), Laura Shreeve (twice), Lewis Bush (twice), Megan Spriggs, Dan Pooley, Aaden Hayes, Jason Norman, David Lane, Kevin Bates, Robbie Palmer, Karl Brown, Nigel Chapman, Kyle Nolan have gained a maximum of 12 points from a fixture (ie guessed team with most corners, or draw, correctly and got the amount of corners spot on).

• Katie Allen, Andy Prior, Kevin Bates, Laura Shreeve, Peter Jermany, Amy Anderson, Luke Tordoff, Jon Parish and Damien Cross all suffered the pain of a
zero-point scoring round.

• In the lowest-scoring round by far (round four), Katie Allen was the only participant from 35 entrants to score points (8) from the Chelsea versus Sheffield United game.

• All players have participated in every round (4) apart from Kevin Bates (entered 3), Aaron Beales (3), Kendell Benefer (3), Charlotte Caney (3), Neil Goodbourn (3), Mike Griggs (3), Elise Cornwell (2), Max Gill (2), Laura Shreeve (2), Alex Thaxton (2) and Hannah Hornigold (1).


1) England v Bulgaria

Euro 2020 Qualifier,
Tomorrow, 5pm

a) Who will get more corners? England, Bulgaria or draw 

b) Total number of corners 

2) France v Albania

Euro 2020 Qualifier,
Tomorrow, 7.45pm

a) Who will get more corners? France, Albania or draw 

b) Total number of corners in the game 

3) Romania v Malta 

Euro 2020 Qualifier
Sunday, September 8, 5pm

a) Who will get more corners? Romania, Malta or draw 

b) Total number of corners in the game

4) Sweden v Norway

Euro 2020 Qualifier

Sunday, September 8, 7.45pm

a) Who will get more corners? Sweden, Norway or draw

b) Total number of corners in the game

Email your predictions to
drop them into Your Local Paper’s office (before 5pm today) or Tweet him @GavinCaney on Twitter. Predictions via social media or email must be submitted before 3pm tomorrow.