Major projects to build a new road at West Winch and to re-design the Pullover roundabout near King’s Lynn took another step forward this week.

The West Winch Housing Access Road, linking the A10 and A47, is expected to cost around £13.5m and would allow 4,000 new homes to be built in the village. Without the new road, only around 350 homes could be built, according to county documents.

The Pullover project could see a bridge or flyover built at the roundabout and slip roads added to improve flow.

Following a cabinet meeting on Monday, Norfolk County Council is to bid to the Norfolk business rates pool for £1.2m to develop the projects – £1.1m for West Winch and £100,000 for the Pullover.

As part of the bid, members have pledged £1.2m match funding. If the business rates bid is successful, the schemes will be added to the council’s capital spending programme for 2020/21 and 2021/22.

The council’s match funding would be raised through prudential borrowing and included in the capital programme.

The West Winch project has already received some funding from the business rates pool, matched by West Norfolk Council and the county council.

If the government agrees to fund the two projects, money will be returned to the business rates pool and councils.

Martin Wilby, county cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “We’re keen to work with the borough council to support this road, which would enable the development of 4,000 homes and relieve the A10 through West Winch. This is a crucial part of our plan, Together, for Norfolk, to improve the road network and enable housing and economic growth.” 

The projects have been selected as priorities by Transport East and are being considered for national funding by the Department for Transport.

Richard Blunt, borough council member for development, said: “The development at West Winch is the largest strategic growth area in our borough. We have already been working with the county council to design and secure planning permission for this road. Along with the recent news that the regional transport body has supported these two Norfolk schemes, this latest support means we have taken two major steps towards making these schemes a reality.”