Safer Summer Staycation

A Downham Market business has opened its cafe doors to its customers’ canine companions.

Reeds Homestore has made its Bridge Street cafe dog-friendly.

A special seating area has been created adjacent to the home and furniture store’s 65-seater café so visitors don’t have to leave their furry-friends behind.

The dog-friendly café was announced on the store’s Facebook page earlier this month and has attracted a lot of positive comments from dog owners. 

Jim Carlile, managing director at Reeds Homestore, said: “We’ve been delighted with the reaction to making our café dog friendly. 

“We’ve owned Reeds for more than 14 years and the café has always been a very popular part of the store. 

“It’s a place we want all the local community to be able to enjoy and to feel at home, which is why we decided to create a space where people’s much-loved pets could join us too. If the dog-friendly area continues to prove popular with our guests we will look into extending it even further.”

The dog-friendly café idea was first suggested by home store supervisor Jess Jones, and was tested by Mr Carlile’s cocker spaniel Beau, before being officially declared open (pictured). 

Safer Summer Staycation
Safer Summer Staycation