Safer Summer Staycation
Round One – Friday August 9th
Watford v Brighton – Watford (had the most corners), 7 corners in the game
Spurs v Aston Villa – Spurs, 14
Newcastle v Arsenal – Newcastle, 8
Man United v Chelsea – Chelsea, 8
Four points were awarded for each correct a) ‘who will get more corners’ guess
Eight points for each correct b) ‘total number of corners’ guess
A total of 12 points were available from each fixture with 48 up for grabs in each round
Number of round one entrants: 27
Danny Pooley28
Joel Wille28
Jason Norman20
David Lane20
Damien Cross16
Jonny Cockerill16
Nancy Barnard16
Kyle Nolan16
Andy Prior16
Peter Jermany16
Aaden Hayes16
Gavin Caney12
Megan Spriggs12
Katie Allen12
Nigel Chapman12
Lewis Bush12
Dave Edgley12
Max Gill12
Karl Brown8
Robbie Palmer8
Lewis Cook8
Luke Tordoff8
Jon Parish8
Hannah Hornigold4
Chris Milsom4
Amy Anderson4
Elise Cornwell4