An international honour has been bestowed on West Norfolk man Nick Daubney recognising his Hanse work.

The former West Norfolk Council leader and borough mayor has been elected as the first Englishman to serve as a Hanse Guild member.

The honour was announced at this year’s Hanse Assembly meeting in Russia. Members of the Hanse Commission decided to recognise Mr Daubney’s service, which has included playing a major role in founding the Hanse Business Network, organising and promoting the King’s Lynn Hanse Festival and his active role within the league.

Mr Daubney, of Pott Row, said: “I am really pleased to receive this very special honour and recognition. It will allow me to continue to maintain the many friendships, business and government contacts throughout Europe. It also allows me to continue to bang the drum for east coast trade.

“The Hanse is all about towns and cities, not countries but clearly, strong relationships become ever more important as the UK develops its position after Brexit. 

“To be the first and only British member to receive this honour means a great deal and hope I can take full advantage of the opportunities it gives and the networks it opens.”

The guild, founded in 2004, has 30 members who support and advise the assembly on activities and projects. Membership is for those who have shown particular commitment to Hanse.

This year, Mr Daubney, stepped down from his role as a Hanse commissioner, a position held since 2006. He also stood down from his council role.