Downham Tandoori held a culture workshop for students. Pictures: Ian Burt

Downham Market Academy pupils enjoyed singing, dancing and tasting at an Indian extravaganza.

It was all part of a culture workshop  held by Downham Tandoori, which saw year 9 and 10 students participate.

Last Wednesday’s session saw pupils watch demonstrations and learn about Indian music and dance. 

They sampled lamb koftas, chicken samosas and vegetable pastries with yogurt, mint sauce and salad. 

Students had a go at some of the dance moves and traditional singing before returning to the academy. 

Food teacher Elaine Wells said: “It was a great experience for the students to immerse themselves in a culture so different from our own. 

“They loved the opportunity to get hands-on and be involved with the dancing and singing. 

“I also hope that it will help the food students to be a little more creative and explore flavours when they are cooking, as a lot of them didn’t think they would like the food, but really enjoyed it.”